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NCEL player registrations

6th July, 2024

Here is the list of the latest player registrations made by NCEL clubs for the 2024/25 season.

THURSDAY 4TH JULY, 2024 (cont'd)
Steven Ridley (Winterton Rangers)
Lee Ridley (Winterton Rangers)
Willfred Frimpong (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Theju Kalonji (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Nicholas Lasousis (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Joseph Taylor (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Owen Evans (Wakefield AFC)
Harold Monkam Djeukam (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Daniel Vinten (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Adam Walters (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Lewis Sugden (Thackley)
Germaine Sande (Armthorpe Welfare)
Nathan Hawkhead (Wakefield AFC)

Gregg Anderson (Knaresborough Town)
Max Barnard (Knaresborough Town)
Ryan Gothard (Knaresborough Town)
Aaron Pilkington (Knaresborough Town)
Charlie Bell (Ilkley Town)
Shaban Mehmeti (Ilkley Town)
Niall Bent (Goole AFC)
Niall Butchart (Goole AFC)
Fredy Barnard (Eccleshill United)
Harvey Booth (Eccleshill United)
Matthias Britton (Eccleshill United)
Stephen Fearnley (Eccleshill United)
Benjamin Gordan (Eccleshill United)
Darwin King (Eccleshill United)
Daniel Laban (Eccleshill United)
Daniel Laird (Eccleshill United)
Talent Ndlovu (Eccleshill United)
Jahro Parchment (Eccleshill United)
Cole Roberts (Eccleshill United)
Zackary Sangster (Eccleshill United)
Edward Wilczynski (Eccleshill United)
George Brown (Pickering Town)
Pride Chkosha (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Thomas Masden (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Ryan Cooper (Selby Town)
Matthew Dawes (Selby Town)
Edward Dry (Selby Town)
Alex Marsh (Selby Town)
Declan Racher (Selby Town)
Jason St Juste (Selby Town)
Ryan Cooper (Selby Town)
Jayden-ty Cuniff (Armthorpe Welfare)
William Gomes (Armthorpe Welfare)
Alfie Williams (Armthorpe Welfare)
Brandon Bagley (Handsworth)
Tom Bishop (Handsworth)
Henry Carne (Handsworth)
Thomas Crosby (Handsworth)
Mitchell Dunne (Handsworth)
Sam Fewkes (Handsworth)
Owen Haigh (Handsworth)
Oscar Radford (Handsworth)
Jack Rodgers (Handsworth)
Michael Trench (Handsworth)
Josef Turner (Handsworth)
Jonathan Williams (Handsworth)
Kyle Fish (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Nathan Garfoot (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Alex Knox (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Samuel Nelson (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Dwight Nelson (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Joe Rawcliffe (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Adam Walsh (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Alexander Kemp (Maltby Main)
Haydn Ward (Maltby Main)
Marcus Harper (Eccleshill United)
Josh Bark (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Eloi Nyom (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Nathan Hunt (Thackley)
Hamza Diallo (Yorkshire Amateur)

Thomas Booth (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Jan Budjz (Rossington Main)
Niall Doran (Rossington Main)
Bradley Grayson (Rossington Main)
Jack Harrison (Rossington Main)
Cameron Hough (Rossington Main)
Benjamin Hunter (Rossington Main)
Manasse Kianga (Rossington Main)
Liam King (Rossington Main)
Mitchell Langton (Rossington Main)
Cody Prior (Rossington Main)
Paul Sherburn (Rossington Main)
Zephaniah Thomas (Rossington Main)
Grey Young (Rossington Main)
Thomas Cahill (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Max Ezard (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Ben Lawson (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Tom Sowden (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Junayd Cassius Gill (Tadcaster Albion)
Raeece Ellington (Tadcaster Albion)
Muhammed Fadera (Tadcaster Albion)
Sam Green (Tadcaster Albion)
Kieran Greenway (Tadcaster Albion)
Joshua Hardcastle (Tadcaster Albion)
Jordan Hines (Tadcaster Albion)
Elliot Holmes (Tadcaster Albion)
Shaun Hudson (Tadcaster Albion)
Fatlum Ibrahimi (Tadcaster Albion)
Albert Ibrahimi (Tadcaster Albion)
Daniel McDaid (Tadcaster Albion)
Lucas Nelson (Tadcaster Albion)
Charlie Owen (Tadcaster Albion)
Hiram Romero (Tadcaster Albion)
Luke Stewart (Tadcaster Albion)
Mark Suttle (Tadcaster Albion)
Daniel Thirkell (Tadcaster Albion)
Lewis Walters (Tadcaster Albion)
Dyllan Drovi (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Ethan Garbett (Parkgate)
William Harling (South Leeds)
Joseph O'Neil (South Leeds)
Finley Pulford (Barton Town)
Matthew Stafford (Barton Town)
Adam Stockhill (Barton Town)
Ethan Hodkin (Maltby Main)

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