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Toolstation NCEL player registrations

13th July, 2019

Here were the new player registrations made by Toolstation Northern Counties East Football League clubs in the week up to and including Saturday 13th July, 2019.

Chris Adams (Bridlington Town)
Brett Agnew (Bridlington Town)
David Birch (Bridlington Town)
Charlie Birley (Bridlington Town)
Anthony Bowsley (Bridlington Town)
Matthew Broadley (Bridlington Town)
Oliver Brown (Bridlington Town)
Jack Bulless (Bridlington Town)
Joseph Danby (Bridlington Town)
Marty Gargett (Bridlington Town)
Josh Greening (Bridlington Town)
Christopher Jenkinson (Bridlington Town)
Kieran Jordan (Bridlington Town)
Benn Lewis (Bridlington Town)
Andrew Norfolk (Bridlington Town)
Stuart Oliver (Bridlington Town)
Fraser Papprill (Bridlington Town)
Lewis Taylor (Bridlington Town)
Nathan Walker (Bridlington Town)
Josh Diggles (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Calan Rollinson (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Harry Scott (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Kieran Hirst (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Scott Batty (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Kyle Wordsworth (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Connor Rollinson (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Jack Mawson (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Jack Waldron (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Samuel Race (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)

Connor McMillan (AFC Mansfield)
Joe Busby (Barton Town)
Marc Cooper (Barton Town)
Ben Hinchliffe (Barton Town)
Mitchell Langton (Barton Town)
Reece Moody (Barton Town)
Cameron Morfoot (Barton Town)
Edward Rogerson (Barton Town)
Tom Sawyer (Barton Town)
Levi Tarbotton (Barton Town)
Thomas Waudby (Barton Town)
William Waudby (Barton Town)
Peter Winn (Barton Town)

Ryan Gothard (Selby Town)
Graeme Anderson (Selby Town)
Jamie Phillips (Selby Town)
Ben Bodle (Campion)
Thomas Ponter (Campion)
Mitchell Hamilton (Campion)
Daniel Facey (Campion)
Mohammad Qasim (Campion)
Daniel Grant (Grimsby Borough)
James Petronzio (Grimsby Borough)
Scott Drury (Grimsby Borough)
Liam Higton (Grimsby Borough)
Jack Bradbury (Grimsby Borough)
Joshua Venney (Grimsby Borough)
Daniel Barrett (Grimsby Borough)
Josh Sunter (Grimsby Borough)
Lewis Bemrose (Grimsby Borough)
Jack Steel (Grimsby Borough)

Gary Mundy (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Jordan Hines (Thackley)
Charlie Flaherty (Thackley)
Ben Grech-Brooksbank (Thackley)
Hasnain Mohammed (Eccleshill United)
Nathan Woodward (Eccleshill United)
Ryan Hargreaves (Eccleshill United)
Ibrahim Najeh (Eccleshill United)
Matthew Stor (Eccleshill United)
Jonathan Irving (Eccleshill United)
Jack Bentley (Eccleshill United)
Christopher Lever (Eccleshill United)
Shaun Carrington (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Ashley Emmett (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
David Taylor (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Robert Oldham (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Jack Wilson (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Joseph Austin (Maltby Main)
Robert Chipps (Maltby Main)
Liam O'Brien (Maltby Main)
Richard Patterson (Maltby Main)
Aaron Moxam (Maltby Main)
Anthony Wilson (Maltby Main)
James Pollard (Maltby Main)
Jonathan Hill (Maltby Main)
Cameron Rigby (Maltby Main)
Jed McGowan (Maltby Main)
Ben Algar (Maltby Main)
Waide Fairhurst (Maltby Main)
Oscar Radford (Maltby Main)
Steven Hopewell (Maltby Main)
Joseph Lumley (Maltby Main)
Lewis Andrew (Hall Road Rangers)
Tom Bennett (Hall Road Rangers)
Jody Barford (Hall Road Rangers)
Luke Bullement (Hall Road Rangers)
Charles Cleminshaw (Hall Road Rangers)
Danny Johnson (Hall Road Rangers)
Josh Dees (Hall Road Rangers)
Dave Harrison (Hall Road Rangers)
Sam Foster (Hall Road Rangers)
Sam McLaughlin (Hall Road Rangers)
Jamie Reeson (Hall Road Rangers)
Liam Taylor (Hall Road Rangers)
Luke Taylor (Hall Road Rangers)
Ben Vazquez (Hall Road Rangers)
Tommy Waud (Hall Road Rangers)
Adam Whall (Hall Road Rangers)
James Whittingham (Hall Road Rangers)
Ryan Williams (Hall Road Rangers)
Greg Anderson (Knaresborough Town)
Paul Atkinson (Knaresborough Town)
Adam Baker (Knaresborough Town)
George Bellelby (Knaresborough Town)
Brandon Bligh (Knaresborough Town)
Nikos Bottonis (Knaresborough Town)
Stephen Bromley (Knaresborough Town)
Bemjamin Cohen (Knaresborough Town)
Sam Cook (Knaresborough Town)
Andrew Cooper (Knaresborough Town)
Conor Donoghue (Knaresborough Town)
Jordan Firth (Knaresborough Town)
Colin Heath (Knaresborough Town)
Greg Kidd (Knaresborough Town)
Sam Lee (Knaresborough Town)
William Lenehan (Knaresborough Town)
Jonathon Lynn (Knaresborough Town)
Samuel Nicolson (Knaresborough Town)
Ben Parkes (Knaresborough Town)
Jack Powis (Knaresborough Town)
James Purkis (Knaresborough Town)
Lewis Pye (Knaresborough Town)
Craig Robinson (Knaresborough Town)
Dominic Smith (Knaresborough Town)
Luke Stewart (Knaresborough Town)
Daniel Thirkell (Knaresborough Town)
Brad Walker (Knaresborough Town)
Dominic Wilson (Knaresborough Town)

Blake Owen (Dronfield Town)
Thomas Gladwin (Dronfield Town)
Connor Chapell (Dronfield Town)
Arran Bovill (Dronfield Town)
Jack Wakefield (Hemsworth Miners Welfare)
Lee Betts (Armthorpe Welfare)
Tyler Walker (Armthorpe Welfare)
Jordan Linley (Armthorpe Welfare)
Joshua Bowkett (Armthorpe Welfare)
James Arnold (Armthorpe Welfare)
Joshua O'Neil (Armthorpe Welfare)
Steven Garner (Armthorpe Welfare)
Craig Aspinall (Armthorpe Welfare)
Joshua Paskell (Armthorpe Welfare)
Paul Sherburn (Armthorpe Welfare)
Alfie Stevens-Neale (Armthorpe Welfare)
Leon Larcombe-Loftus (Armthorpe Welfare)
Adam Lee (Armthorpe Welfare)
Josh Gibbons (Armthorpe Welfare)
Liam Radford (Armthorpe Welfare)
Kieran Thompson (Thackley)
Patrick McGuire (Thackley)
Daniel Broadbent (Thackley)
Zackary Sangster (Thackley)
Owen Murphy (Thackley)
Matthew Bloor (Goole AFC)
Josh Giles (Goole AFC)
Ben Greasley (Goole AFC)
Paul Middleton (Retford FC)
Joe Knowles (Retford FC)
Ashley McEwan (Retford FC)
Graeme Severn (Retford FC)
Martin Woodhead (Retford FC)
Haydn Goddard (Retford FC)
Callum Taylor (Retford FC)
Gareth Campion (Retford FC)
Adam Scott (Retford FC)
Aaron Pickersgill (Retford FC)
Will Tomlinson (Retford FC)
Toby Rutherford (Retford FC)
Jack Johnson (Retford FC)
Joshua Street (Retford FC)
Oliver Bilham (Retford FC)
Shay Evans-Booth (Retford FC)
Robbie Collingburn (Retford FC)
Thomas Gilmore (Retford FC)
Adam Hicks (Retford FC)
Gareth Davies (Retford FC)
Jon Kennedy (Retford FC)

Charlie Myers (Swallownest)
Joshua Statham (Swallownest)
Ryan Hall (Swallownest)
Darryl Johnson (Swallownest)
Richard Watson (Swallownest)
Matthew Morton (Swallownest)
Jake Outram (Swallownest)
Luke Beedham (Swallownest)
Jake Squires (Swallownest)
Juninho Blake (Swallownest)
Lloyd Gelsthorpe (Swallownest)
Adam Daughtrey (Swallownest)
John Travis (Swallownest)
Thomas Cropper (Swallownest)
Jay Evison (Swallownest)
Jason Short (Swallownest)
Joel Statham (Swallownest)
Oliver Grady (Swallownest)
Jermaine Atkin (Swallownest)
Aaron Statham (Swallownest)
Richard Williams (Swallownest)
Mitchell Kent (Swallownest)
Joshua Shutt (Swallownest)
Mitchell Ward-Cupitt (Swallownest)
Joe Dale (Selby Town)
Matthew Robinson (Parkgate)
William Harling (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Fidel Mhlolo (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Aiden Kirby (Silsden)
Craig Bentham (Silsden)
Jake McEneaney (Silsden)
Joseph Mitchell (Silsden)
Khurram Shazad (Silsden)
Luke Rhodes (Silsden)
William Storrie (Silsden)
Arley Barnes (Silsden)
Daniel Forrest (Silsden)
Jos Sutcliff-Veitch (Silsden)
Josh Kaine (Silsden)
Joshua McKiernon (Silsden)
Laurence Surhaindo (Silsden)
Mark Everingham (Silsden)
Thomas Higman (Silsden)

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